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Auna amp




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e newest amplifier collection the Auna kids entered into a gloomy association with bass one.

The specifications speak for themselves: strength, maximum performance 10000W-tal.
High-pass and low-pass filters, super Bass Boost, distinguished sound, which fascinates everybody,.
The one that managed to harmonize handling the performance, easy one is Le with the hat before Auna.


Capital features:
maximum performance: 6 x 1665W
XXL design stylish alumíniumhűtőtesttel, timeless coffee silver in a variant.
Super Bass Boost who can be switched (50 Hz) 0/ 6 12 dB
adjustable high-pass and low-pass filter and adjustable volume for each single channel

  • Technical parameters:
    6 x 160W RMS oh 4 Ohmy, 6 x 320 W RMS oh 2 Ohmy. 3 x 640 W RMS
    MOSFET technology
    6 x RCA going in
    Independent Crossover for all channels
    Bekapcs/Kikapcs through the car tuner
    Super Bass switch
    High-pass: 50 Hz - 500 Hz
    Low-pass: 50 Hz - 250 Hz
    Frekvenciátvitel: 10Hz-30kHz
    Impedance: 2 - 8 ohms
    Distance sign/noise: >90dB

    • THD: <0,06%
      The sensitivity of access: 0,12V - 1,0V/10K
      Input sensitivity the anterior and posterior part, independently can be set
      3 enthusing to give birth security
      On/Off- switches
      Connecting: 14,4 v DC
    • The sizes of a product:

      The greatness of a design and a mega performance: 64 x 33 x 7 cm
      Weight: 8,35kg

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